VA – 8 (Light & Dark)


A compilation of 14 different songs split to two poles – Light and Dark. Featuring some of the best artists from Slovenia and the wider Balkan region.

Free download on Bandcamp.

Wuyanni – Komot EP

Whynnel’s debut project as Wuyanni is finally here!

“Komot EP” is a genre melding house project packed with punchy drums and catchy melodies to enjoy on every occasion.

Once a glitch-hop producer – Whynnel ventures into genres far from what he’s known for while staying true to himself.
This record shows us his versatility and symbolically puts the reborn Wuyanni at the top of his class. His desire to continue to grow and experiment as a musician lives on and we can expect a lot more from him in the future.

Free download on Bandcamp. Available on all streaming platforms.

.čunfa – Garden

After a long hiatus and a global pandemic, čunfa is blessing us with a summer vibe house track (and a bonus download goodie) that he cooked up in quarantine.

Bonus track with free download on Bandcamp.

Spiral Mind – A Play Of Shadows

Shadows are understood as fragments from past experiences and simultaneously as a delineation of present moments. The intersection between then-now and here-there creates a necessity for introspection, acceptance and self-reflection. Therefore a realm for experimentation is established, converted into a “Play Of Shadows”.

Free download on Bandcamp.

Rochwald & Čunfa – Sounds for ants

This sample pack belongs to the sedulous kingdom of ants. It was in no way formulated for human experiencing. If you are a little working ant, feel free to download.

Two of our colleagues have teamed up and recorded some random sounds, manipulated them into one-shot samples for you to incorporate in your music pieces or destroy and recycle into new and exciting things. With comes an EP of four songs created explicitly from the sounds from the pack, with as little manipulation as possible. Enjoy and stay creative.

Free download on Bandcamp.

VA – Herbarium

Celebrating one year of TRITE Sound with a bunch of friends from the local Slovenian scene. Gathered under the organisms we all love very dearly. Herbs and all other plants. Varying from charming and colorful to poisonous and spiky. From the chillest of beats to deadliest of breaks. Enjoy this free compilation with your dearest friends and your favorite herbs.

Free download on Bandcamp.

.čunfa – Okay EP

An easy going house release from .čunfa. Two streched out house tracks built to set the mood high and mellow.

Free download on Bandcamp.

VA – Constantly Variable Remixed

For the second digital freebie we gathered some friends to reconstruct and reinterpret the first one. Remixes from Borka, antik, Rochwald and Čunfa.

Free download on Bandcamp.